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makanda inn overview in forest

Makanda Inn
855 Old Lower Cobden Road
Makanda, Illinois 62958

(618) 697-7929
[email protected]

Looking to mail something? Please send it to:
PO Box 24, Makanda, Illinois 62958

Directions to the Makanda Inn

Prefer a little more interesting path than your phone is giving you?

Here’s the scenic route through Giant City State Park, from Interstate 57 Southbound:

  • Take Exit 45 for State Highway 148/N. Refugee Road, turn LEFT
  • 2.7 miles to Grassy Road, turn LEFT
    there is a country store at the corner
  • 4.3 miles to Spillway Road, turn LEFT
    be careful not to miss this turn
  • 4.4 miles to Giant City Road, a stop sign, turn LEFT
  • 3.5 miles to S. Church Street, turn RIGHT
    it’s about a half mile past Giant City Stables
  • 1.9 miles to Old Lower Cobden Road, turn LEFT
    You will pass a church on the left, the road changes to Baptist Hill Road, and down a steep hill to the Makanda Boardwalk at the stop sign
  • Go about a half a mile to the Inn!

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