Welcome to Makanda Inn & Cottages!

The Makanda Inn & Cottages provides refined, distinctively luxurious lodgings hidden deep in the Shawnee National Forest next door to Giant City State Park and down the street from the Makanda Boardwalk.  Savor unique, “out of the ordinary” breakfasts featuring local ingredients with a focus on fresh and organic ingredients, explore the natural landscapes, and rejuvenate in one of our king beds.   


Wooden entry door looking across the hallway to suite 4 entry, straw bale truth window to right.

The Construction:  a building made out of straw. Bales of straw make up our suites exterior walls. Straw walls have incredible soundproofing and insulation which combined enhance your sleep and save energy. The fireplace in the common area is a Temp-Cast 2000 prefabricated fireplace, built into a stone structure with a 32-foot chimney. The Temp-Cast is fashioned after the Russian Stove and is a high efficiency – low emission unit that heats the Inn in the wintertime. This combination of natural building methods and high-efficiency climate control in your suite provides the comfort level you want.