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By now the laid back atmosphere of the Makanda Boardwalk has taken hold as you find your Christmas shopping getting done with ease. Ideal for the last minute shopper. You exit the Trading Company and hang a left down the short hallway to P B  & J short for Pam, Bob & Jackie their daughter. 

Yellow red & blue letters on a white lighted sign P B & J above the entrance to the store

Previously owned at it’s best P B & J!

The store is stocked full and meticulously organized. Bound to find that perfect gift here! 

Nicely organized blue jeans along the wall at P B & J

Inside P B & J

Oh there’s that album I was looking for! Or perhaps a nice blue scarf. 

Vintage record albums the yellow wall is adorned with various decorative pictures

Inside P B & J

You must be getting hungry, two doors down is the Eclipse Kitchen. Great food and reasonable prices, the perfect break from a easy going morning of shopping. 

Blue and pink lettering display the daily specials at the Eclipse Kitchen

Today’s Specials

Sit at the counter for a bite to eat and you will see the sign that says it all. Two total solar eclipses seven years apart! 

Colorful solar eclipse sign hanging on the yellow wall

The sign of the times!

















Stay tuned for part 4!