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The last stop on our tour of the Makanda Boardwalk series, actually takes us across the train tracks next door to the Post Office. There you will find Allan Stuck, most of the time. This time of year it might be good to call ahead for an appointment, he may be under a December 25th deadline.

Allan Stuck's white sign with red lettering

Allan is a true artist who works with the traditional materials found in jewelry. He also adds to his work unusual materials like petrified wood, fossilized bone, boars tusks, fossilized sharks teeth, and rattle snake fangs.

A black felt lined box full of Allan's work, mostly pendents

The colors and patterns are often not revealed until he works with different materials, some of them becoming translucent when cut and polished. More pendents displayed on a grey background

Allan’s work is known in Hollywood circles. Truly original and precise, a must have for the discerning collector. Photos of Allan Stuck's work display in a binder taken against a black background

So we have a couple of weeks left, why not book your stay at the Makanda Inn & Cottages. Come explore the many shopping opportunities in Makanda and the surrounding small towns. Oh and if you really need a Mall, there is one just eight miles away. If you are done with your shopping then come on down and relax for a few days in the peace and quiet that we are famous for.