Your shopping begins in the Rainmakers shop: Dave Dardis is a true artist with his creations made out of copper and bronze. Some of his work can be seen in the photo below. Inside the Makanda Inn a beautiful copper light sculpture adorns the thirty two foot ceiling, which can be seen on the welcome page of our website. His focus lately, artwork centered around the 2017 Great American Eclipse. 

Copper sculptures hanging on the wall inside the Rainmakers Shop

The Rainmakers work!

At  the other end of the boardwalk is the Makanda Trading Company. The few photos can not do justice to the wide variety of merchandise. If you have traveled and come across a local artist or crafts-person who was peddling their wares, this is what is available here.   

Colorful artwork against an orange wall and walking canes on the oppoiste wall a bounty of eclectic items

Inside The Makanda Trading Company

Stuffed animals to exotic statue’s, musical instruments to incense the only way to appreciate it is to come and see it, not sure you could see every item in a day. 

Orange blue & pink stuffed animals in a basket below an eastern statue

Inside the Makanda Trading Company

Tie dye to T- shirts it’s amazing! 

Blues yellows reds and all the colors of the rainbow in the tie died product hanging on the wall

Inside the Makanda Trading Company

Well it is about time for another cup of coffee. Stop by Makanda Java for a cup of Joe or maybe you have a hot sauce fan on your shopping list. Always a good spot for a sandwich and ice cream too! 

Brown wood shelving filled with hot sauce and coffee inside Makanda Java

Makanda Java!

Stay tuned for part 3!