Part 1 – Holidays at the Makanda Boardwalk: Stress free Holiday shopping at the Makanda Boardwalk while enjoying a two night restful stay at the Makanda Inn & Cottages! 

Imagine waking up in your cozy cottage, grinding some freshly micro-roasted Steam Shovel Coffee beans and brewing the best coffee in Southern Illinois. Sipping your coffee and looking out into the forest just enjoying the peace and quiet. You could make breakfast in your cottage but why not stroll or take the short leisurely half mile drive down to the Eclipse Kitchen for a tasty local breakfast. The other option, stay in the Inn where at 9 am you come downstairs for a scrumptious hot plated breakfast. You will feel the heat radiating from the stone fireplace, from the previous nights fire, as you walk by on your way to the breakfast table. After breakfast, the Makanda Boardwalk becomes your Holiday Shopping Mall, only thing missing are the crowds and the expansive stores with a bunch of mass produced stuff. That’s right, most of what you will find here is locally made or treasures from far off lands, unique to say the least. You will be able to find items that your loved ones will adore and they will ask, where did you find this? What could be better – a restful two night stay at the Makanda Inn & Cottages and stress free shopping? 

The historic red boardwalk building with the letters L L Bell across the front

The Makanda Boardwalk

You will find: The Rainmaker, Dave Dardis who crafts beautiful items out of copper and bronze. You will often find him at work right there in his shop. The entry to his shop is easy to find just follow the red line painted on the pavement that goes right into his front door. The line is the center of the path of the Great American Solar Eclipse in August 2017. 

The red line path of the solar eclipse in August 2017 goes right in the front door at the Makanda Boardwalk

Path of the Great American Solar Eclipse August 2017

Wander out the back door and you will enter the amazing and unique garden of the Rainmaker. 

Still some green even in December in the garden behind the Makanda Boardwalk

Rainmakers Garden

Stayed tuned for more posts featuring: Makanda Java – Coffee, hot sauce, ice cream, & sandwiches, Visions Art Gallery – all local artists, PB&J & Jinnie Pearl’s previously owned and re-purposed treasures, The Makanda Trading Company – unique items from around the world, The Eclipse Kitchen – casual local fare, & Next door to the post office – Allan Stuck – Fine Jewelry Design.