Spring started early here in Makanda with the daffodils in full bloom the third week of February. It has since cooled down and winter has taken hold at least for a few more days as we gradually slip back into spring season weather. 

Beautiful yellow spring daffodils in February in Makanda Illinois

Work continues on our West End Cottage roof. The warm weather had us jumping as along with the flowers came the weeds. Soon the West End roof will be turning green with newly planted grass, with any luck, that is. The first planting was apparently for the birds, literally as they swarmed the straw covered planting. Luckily, (you gotta love You Tube) we found out that balloons will keep them at bay. Once the balloons die we cut them into strips tied to stakes so they can dance in the wind to further their usefulness as a bird deterrent. A bit more flashing work on the northern edge of the roof and it will be 100% water tight. We started with the back wall last summer to redirect water away from the building and it seems our efforts have been met with success. Our guests will enjoy this beautiful cottage even when the heavy rains come. For those times when it does rain a shiny new copper gutter is standing by to be installed. Complete with rain chain like our other cottages. 

west end cottage roof with new straw covered grass seed the red and blue balloons keep the birds at bay

Preparation for summer continues with the new delivery of mulch for the gardens. It won’t be long before Makanda Inn & Cottages is totally surrounded by green once again. 

In other news, we got two other exciting deliveries these past two weeks. We don’t want to mention any names – Tesla Destination Chargers – or let the cat out of the bag – Universal Car Charger so I won’t say anything about those deliveries just yet. At least not until our electrician gets here. It may take a while as he is very busy so keep an eye out for the official news.