Trillium Trail white tail deer stops for a pose

Trillium Trail Winter Hike

Trillium Trail January Hike

The Trillium Trail was on our list of hikes in the area and what better time to go than after a winter storm. The trail runs through a protected part of Giant City State Park and is usually considered one of the premier hikes for spring flowers. Trillium Trail covered in white snow as it runs along the bluffs

This storm started out as rain and turned to sleet creating a snowy crust on the ground about one-two inches thick. As you can tell from the photographs, there were not a lot of people in the park. A car in the parking lot and footprints on the trail let me know there were hikers ahead. I never saw them, and they left by the time I got back to the car. Trillium Trail runs along the rock bluffs the grey of winter is the mood of the day

Trillium Trail

The trail runs along a series of massive bluffs. The park road bordered on both sides by cliffs become visible from this trail in winter. When the leaves fall, the landscape emerges and becomes an entirely different experience.

Trillium Trail looking across to the bluffs by shelter one

A little way into the hike is a stream that runs along the trail for a while. It looks a lot different with some ice and snow on it.  Trillium Trail stream runs long the trail

Mother nature sculpted some fantastic icicles along the bluffs. Trillium Trail icicles adorn the rock formations  

It is amazing how water and cold air can create such beauty. 

Water running back along the rock turns into tiny spears of ice that adorn the winter landscape. 

There was so much to see it took a while to get past the bottom half of the trail. 

This photo looks like the bluffs are wearing a beautiful crystal necklace. 

Trillium Trail icicles cascading down the bluff green moss can be seen through the clear ice

At this point, you ascend to the top of the bluff line. Stone steps followed by a set of wooden steps take you to the second half of the trail.Trillium Trail stone steps take you up the hill

This part of the trail runs along the top of the bluffs taking you back to the parking lot. As I was walking along looking out over the landscape from my elevated position, I heard a noise. Turns out a couple maybe three deer were hanging out and enjoying the view as well. This one stopped for a minute and let me get this great picture. Trillium Trail white tail deer stops for a pose

So bundle up put on some hiking shoes and warm socks and hit the winter trail. Trillium Trail is only one of many hikes in Giant City State Park which is just across the street from Makanda Inn & Cottages. So rent one of our cozy cabins and enjoy winter-time in Makanda. The peace and quiet, unlike any other place, and you can enjoy the area without the crowds.