If there is one defining summer activity in and around the Carbondale area for years it’s the Sunset Concerts. This summer’s concert series kicked off on June 18th  – the 36th annual Sunset Concert season.

The concerts are held each Thursday evening starting at 7pm and go for about two hours.  Musical talent and genres vary and include everything from bluegrass, to reggae, to rock to creole.   One thing is for sure…it’s a great time, and it’s totally free!

The Sunset Concerts offer the freedom of bringing in your own drinks, food, coolers and even grills. It’s an all ages event held outdoors, so, you can even bring the kids. They seem to enjoy it just as much as the adults. It’s great summertime fun that isn’t hard on the wallet. Plus, it’s a social event that is perfect for meeting people or just observing the masses!

The location alternates between the steps of SIU’s Shryock Auditorium and Turley Park. The university’s Student Center and Student Programming Council along with the city of Carbondale and the Carbondale Park District sponsor the concerts.  For more information, contact the Student Programming Council at 618-536-3393.

Happy Summer!