Hello Everyone and hope all are well!  I think we are finally starting to come out of our winter hibernation and the weather is starting to break in Southern Illinois! It’s time to book before it’s too late and if you need some persuasion let me paint this picture for you… Wake up in a plush king size bed completely refreshed and start the morning off with coffee or tea on the deck, come downstairs for some delicious breakfast, head to Giant City for a morning hike then drive down to the Makanda Boardwalk to shop at  one of a kind local artisans shops, in the afternoon take a road trip to some of the 12 wineries on the Wine Trail and plan to watch the sunset outdoors. Make your way back to the innand sit in the backyard with the tiki torches lighting up the sky and listen to the sweet sounds of the local frogs putting on there nightly show.  Does it get better??!! 

Hope to see you soon,