What an amazing time  the last two years have been, We have finally made it! What started off as a life long dream for one has finally become a reality. We opened our doors Mid April after building from ground up for about two years.  We are in the middle of the wine trail, with the closest one being only 2 miles away. The winieries have live music on the weekends which is a wonderful way to spend the day. In the past two months I have gone hiking in Giant City Park, biked Shawnee Forest, boating on Little Grassy Lake, had a picnic in Cobden, and went to an amazing dinner in town with friends.  All of this in my backyard- I love it!  Next we are gearing up for SIU football season, I haven’t been to a game yet but I am looking forward to tailgating and seeing my first game this month.  I’ll keep you posted!