The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Winter Passport program is a great deal. There is still time to participate! All you have to do is ask at the first winery to purchase your passport or you can purchase your Passport Online. For only ten dollars you get discounts on to-go bottles of wines. If you are planning on hitting all the wineries and buying some bottles to-go, you can easily recoup your purchase price. You can also win a larger prize, all you have to do is get your passport stamped at each winery and hand it in at the last one. It’s a win – win. This offer ends February 28th 2017 so don’t delay! We still have availability for the rest of January and dates available in February at Makanda Inn & Cottages

This past weekend the weather was great and Loraine and I got out to taste some wine and get more photos for our Passport Series. First stop Kite Hill.

White and Black Kite Hill sign as we entered the driveway

It was great to talk with Jim and learn a little more about this great Winery. They don’t serve food but some snacks are available. From the deck you see the vineyard and neighboring homes. It was even warm enough for the turtles to be hanging out on the pond. As you would expect there are kites hanging around in the tasting room. 

Cloudy Blue sky looking out over the vineyard from the deck at Kite Hill.

As with many of the wineries Kite Hill has it’s share of award winning wines. 

Wine bottles adorned with award medals and a silver cup in the middle

Next stop Pomona Winery

Ever green bushes below the Pomona Winery sign as you enter the driveway

Non grape wines is all they do here at Pomona, but don’t let that fool you the wines are great. We share some common earth friendly ideals with Pomona as their tasting building is built out of all reclaimed wood. Behind the bar a pillar of awards. You can tell Loraine is surely enjoying the wine. They don’t serve food but we understand if you bring your cheese and crackers you are welcome to enjoy them with some wine on the outside deck. We love the dry stacked walls of used brick that line the driveway! 

cloudy blue sky behind the Pomona Winery building made out of reclaimed wood

Honker Hill the northern most winery on the east side of the trail. You can grab a bite to eat here. 

Honker Hill menu black print on white paper

It was a busy day at this stop, live music in the tasting room and the warm weather brought out the crowds. The outside seating area with fireplace provides a view of two ponds and the vineyards. Atop the gazebo is the trade mark goose weather vane. Inside the sign and decoy against the rustic wood walls captures the flavor of this winery. 

Honker Hills Vineyards and the goose weather vane against the blue sky

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts, we will be getting two posts out this week to conclude our series. They will feature the rest of the eastern side of the wine trial. You can find the entire series on our blog page, just click the link in our header. Happy Tasting!