Loraine, Linda (Loraine’s Sister visiting for the holidays) and I made our first stop at Hedman Vineyard & Winery. This great winery with its Scandinavian heritage has recently finished the upstairs of the peach barn, expanding their food and wine service. The table is set for a large group, Linda and I tasting some wine, downstairs in the barn, and how about a game of Chess? When you start your wine tour don’t forget to get your Passport

Hedman table set for a large group, wine tasting bar, downstairs, a nice green Christmas tree

A great place for a good meal, be sure to call first to reserve a table. Check out the gift shop for some unique gifts!

Hedman menu printed on white paper and framed in a white frame

Stop number two was Alto Vineyards again Linda and I did the wine tasting, someone has to do it. Loraine was too occupied playing with the kittens and still somehow found the time to take some photographs. They were great as usual! Some days during the winter here are warm enough to sit outside or spend some time browsing the gift shop. 
Alto wine tasting room, tan and gray kittens, outdoor seating area over looking the vineyard

Feeling hungry, you can get some light fare here. 

Alto winery menu black lettering on white paper

Don’t forget to get your passport stamped with each stop. You never know, you might win a great prize! We are right in the center of the trail, so book your January or February wine trail stay at the Makanda Inn & Cottages now.