Loraine, her Sister Linda and I ventured out to taste some wine, get photos and information about the wineries on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. We left the Makanda Inn & Cottages heading out to start our tour on the western side of the trail. Along the way this beauty decided give us a photo op. Don’t forget to get your Passport for all the great benefits!

Hawk against the blue sky sitting on a telephone wire

We started out at Hedman’s, which is the northwest corner of the trail, 13.2 miles and 22 minutes later we arrived. It was a beautiful day for some great wine tasting!

The Peach Barn at Hedman Vineyards set against the beautiful blue sky

First Stop Hedman!

Next Stop: 1 mile and 2 minutes later we arrived at Alto Vineyards. More great wine!

Alto Vineyard's great brown stone sign marks the way

Next Stop!

1.9 miles and 3.5 minutes later, we arrived at Von Jakob Winery & Brewery! Linda tried their wines and I tried the beer. Did I mention no crowds on a Friday afternoon. 

Von Jakob's black painted sign on the tan wall inside their tasting room

Stop Three!

Another 6.8 miles and 13 minutes later, we arrived at Hickory Ridge Winery! The place was empty when we arrived but quickly the crowd grew to about a dozen people! 

Hickory Ridge's tasting building set against the deep blue sky

Last Stop for today!

We had to head back to the Inn for a check in, 19.7 miles and 30 minutes later we were back in Makanda. It would make sense to hit Pomona Winery, 1.3 miles and 3 minutes from Hickory Ridge. From there you could go another 9.9 miles and 20 minutes to Kite Hill Vineyard. The drive back to Makanda from Kite Hill is 12.4 miles and 22 minutes. We will be venturing out to hit all the Wineries soon and will be following up with some details about each one, so stay tuned! By the end you will know a little bit more about the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and what it has to offer. Or just come on down for a couple of days and tour it for yourself with your Passport and reap the benefits of winter Wine Trail Tasting!