Our first year at the Makanda Inn & Cottages has been great! We have made some significant accomplishments and had a lot of fun. Thanks to a program by Ameren Illinois we have been able to purchase a limited amount of LED light bulbs at discounted prices. To date we have replaced 100 light bulbs and anticipate replacing approximately another 100 light bulbs in the next year as additional bulbs become available to us through this program. Aside from saving energy this will brighten up our suites and cottages and improve the function of the dimmers that are throughout the Inn. The Inn and Suites have been completed. Once done this will represent a 30% energy savings on our total lighting consumption. We want to get the word out about this program so those that are not aware of it can take advantage of it both for personal and business applications. 

The bed with green bedspread in suite two

As you may know the Inn was built with a Temp Cast fireplace / mass heater. This fireplace provides supplemental heat with low emissions. We have bolstered our fire wood supply for this winter and have kept the home fires burning in the cold weather. This drastically reduces our electric heating consumption, while providing a great atmosphere in the common area of the Inn for all to enjoy.

The warm yellow glow of the Inn fireplace wine glasses and bottle in the foreground

 We will be getting back to our wine trail posts soon. So stay tuned! 

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