Update 4/7/2020

Any unit booked during the Covid 19 disruption will be blocked for 72 hours following checkout. Windows will be left open to air out the unit for those three days. On the third day after a full 72 hours of vacancy, one of our team members will do the thorough cleaning outlined below. If you are checking in you can be assured the unit will have been vacant for a full 77 hours. This measure is to protect you and our wonderful staff. We will call you prior to your arrival to review our social distancing check-in procedures.

Update 4/4/2020

For reservations impacted by Covid-19, please call 618-697-7929, Call-in hours 10 am – 6 pm. CST. Your deposit is not at risk, and we have some options for you to consider.

We are also considering what your stay will be like with restrictions lifted. Please call to discuss these options if you are unsure about booking or rescheduling in the near future.

Until we meet or see you our repeat guests again, we wish you all well!


Our normal “Germaphobe Cleaning” with tweaks!


We take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously here, always have, and are taking all precautions to ensure the health safety of our guests and our team.

We have been closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) policies and guidance regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As a result, we have reviewed all our cleaning procedures and products and have made several updates based on recommendations by the WHO and CDC.  So, here is what we found in our review and specific measures we are taking to provide a safe environment for our guests and team.

Team Health, Safety and Training

Our team’s health, safety, and training is central to our ability to deliver a safe, comfortable and relaxing experience for our guests.  We are maintaining proper personal hygiene including frequent and complete hand washing throughout the day. We have also been keeping everyone informed about the latest guidance from the WHO and CDC regarding hygiene protocols and preventive measures specific COVID-19.

Cleaning Products and Protocols

We have reviewed our disinfectant products and confirmed that they are on the Environmental Protection Agency List N, which are specific products that meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.  The specific product is Ecolab, Inc. 65 Disinfecting Cleaner (EPA #: 1677-204) and our Peroxide Surface Cleaner from Ecolab is also on the list.  We have been using these cleaners as our primary disinfecting cleaners for years and will continue to do so throughout the property.

  • Guest Rooms: We are (as we have always done) completely cleaning all areas of our guest rooms prior to guest arrivals. All surface areas and common touchpoints are also disinfected including but not limited to room keys, light switches, doorknobs, and TV remote controls. We completely wash and disinfect bedding between each guest’s stay.
  • Additional steps we will be taking: We will switch from disinfecting wipes to the Disinfecting Cleaner for all touchpoints and surfaces. For now, all Decorative pillows have been removed from all guest rooms. We will increase the frequency of carpet cleaning.
  • Common Areas: Our cleaning staff is cleaning and disinfecting all common area spaces daily including all potential touchpoints – door handles, railings, tables, chairs, and counters.
  • Back of House:  We are also cleaning our back of house areas daily to protect our team and guests.