3 Reasons to Choose a Cabin or Cottage Rental Over a Hotel

Taking a vacation is important. Whether you like nature weekend getaways or romantic cabin rentals to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, taking time to get away is always a good thing. Studies have shown that vacations reduce stress, are heart healthy, and improve your mental health. It has also been found that a vacation can improve personal relationships. 

Somewhere around 53% of the employed adults in the U.S. feel refreshed after coming back from a vacation, so it’s crucial to hit that reset button. Statistically, many Americans don’t even take all of their vacation time. One study found, each additional ten hours of vacation resulted in an eight percent higher performance rating. So what are you waiting for? 


It’s important for your mental health to take a break. You don’t necessarily have to rent one of the many luxury cabins that are out there, but it’s definitely not a bad idea. In fact, cabin getaways can top a hotel vacation in many ways, and here’s why:

The Space

Hotel rooms can get confining after a few days, especially when you’re used to living in a larger home. It can feel like you’re living in a shoe box and the environment is often stark and sterile. Cabins are often decorated to be homey or rustic, giving it a warmer atmosphere. A cabin will most likely have a separate bedroom area, to enjoy as a quiet place to read and relax, or sleep in if you want to because there is no one running or walking up and down the hall outside your door like in a hotel.  With fewer distractions couples often experience a romantic re connection, during a private cabin getaway. 

The Cost

A cabin rental will often have a similar cost to a hotel room, in a lot of cases, they’re more affordable because they’re booked at a weekly rate. Plus, you can rent a larger cabin with friends or family, and thus can split the costs to have an even more affordable stay.

You can also cook in the cabins kitchen, unlike a hotel that requires you to get room service, order take out, or go out to a restaurant. Cooking inside the cabin can save you money on food and is therefore a major benefit. The costs of eating out for every meal adds up quickly.

The Scenery

They’re called “nature weekend getaways” for a reason, after all. Cabins are located outside of the city, often in forests and near lakes.  The cabin might even have waterfront access, allowing you to boat, fish, or swim right there.

You can enjoy a campfire, cook on the grill, and you can actually see the stars at night if you far enough away from the city lights. It’s all perfectly romantic, natural and serene, compared to staying at a hotel in a big city or large suburb. Cabins are often set in a private location, off the beaten path, giving you the peace and quiet not found elsewhere. 

Those are just some of the benefits to escaping the city and the hotels and choosing to have a getaway at a private cabin instead. You could save a lot of money, really enjoy your vacation, along with all the other benefits of your home away from home for a couple of days or even a few weeks.

If you have any questions about  planning your cabin getaway, or how a cabin can be the right choice for you, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

14 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Choose a Cabin or Cottage Rental Over a Hotel

  1. Thanks for explaining why a cottage rental could be better than a hotel. It was interesting to read that cabins are actually booked at a weekly rate. Definitely sounds like this could be a good investment if you are planning on staying at a place for a long while.

  2. I am especially fond of the point you brought up about the scenery from a cabin vs. a hotel, including your ideas about cooking over a fire and looking at the stars. My wife and I love kayaking, hiking, and basically anything outdoors. We’re both very busy but we enjoy a nature getaway now and again. I think anyone that wants to enjoy nature, but maybe in a little more luxury than camping, should consider renting a cabin.

  3. I totally agree with the Taylor Bishop. Going to a hotel and spending so much money is a waste and nothing new to see. Then booking a cottage for rent it will fit in the budget and also get a new experience in staying and spending time in the cottage. Thank you for the information.

  4. My husband and I are planning on going away on a long weekend for our anniversary this year and we’ve been thinking that it might be fun to change up our lodging choice. So I really appreciate you talking about how a cabin gives you a lot more space to relax together and there is no one else around. I’ll definitely have to talk to my husband about possibly getting a cabin for the weekend so that we won’t have to worry about hearing anyone else running around and we can just have the time to ourselves.

    • Thanks Ashley for taking the time to comment and we are happy we provided you with a new idea for a weekend getaway. Hope your first cabin stay is better than you expect.

  5. My fiance and I are looking into getting a cabin rental for an upcoming trip. We like some of the benefits we have found to using this rental but want to read more. Being a part of nature is important to us so having the scenery like mentioned in this article will be part of making our decision.

  6. I like that you mentioned all the things you can get from a cabin that you don’t from a hotel such as a campfire. There is something cozy about cabins that just make them so attractive. My wife and I would love to getaway for a weekend and experience this.

  7. I like that this explained that cabin and cottage rentals were usually paid for at a weekly rate, which can save you money for long trips. My friend and I want to go on vacation this summer, so I think a cabin would be fun. I also think that being out in nature could help her with her depression and get her plenty of vitamin D.

  8. My family hasn’t decided yet what to do or where to go for our vacation. Personally, I want to try new things. So it is interesting for me to try living in a cabin. Like you said, staying in a cabin gives us the chance to experience campfire, cooking on the frill and stargazing at night. I can’t wait to share this idea with my family. Hopefully, they’ll say yes. Thanks!

  9. I am all about relaxing when I go on vacation. I agree with the article that the scenery makes the difference. I want to be in a cabin by a lake or a forest and take in the scenery. When lodging venice la, it is important to make sure you have enough space for you and your family and that it has all of the accommodations.

  10. I like how you point out that cabins will cost similar to a hotel room, but you can fit in more people and can cook your own meals. My husband and I want to take our kids to the great outdoors this summer, but we don’t want to sleep in a tent or forgo some modern conveniences. It seems like we should find a family cabin we can rent.

  11. I like that you mentioned how important it is to find a cabin that is decorated and homey. Some hotels can be restricting when it comes to space. My sister and I love to travel and we want to find a place where we can stay. We’ll definitely consider renting cabins over a hotel.

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