It’s that time of year when the forest booms with the symphony of the periodical cicadas. The sounds of the forest are always something to behold. The synchronization of the cicadas offers a totally unique and memorable song. Cicadas are a mysterious and misunderstood phenomenon. Since they emerge by the billions in synchronized chorus, they are said to be one of the loudest animals alive. Some male cicadas can reach up to 100 decibels, which is quite amazing for such a small creature. Many people find them to be a bother, as they emerge by the millions, make the whole world sound like a perpetual and painfully loud sprinkler and leave a carpet of their carcasses behind once they emerge only to mate and then die.   Their clumsy flight habits make us all targets for a dive bomb from these crazy clickers. Luckily, they are harmless, do not bite and are not poisonous in any way. These hearty weighted, loud, awkwardly flying and strange looking insects bring with them a nostalgic inspiration, a peaceful appreciation and an almost hypnotic curiosity. We can recall fond memories associated with the emergence of the cicadas or they may simply have a nostalgic feeling of summer days past. A recent Makanda Inn guest, who is a nature enthusiast, traveled from New York to lodge here and study the cicadas and the other wonders of nature. Needless to say, he was in absolute heaven here in the Makanda valley.

Here at the inn, it has been truly fascinating to observe the behavior of the cicadas. I think I’ve definitely gained more appreciation for these awesome insects as I’ve grown older and took the time to study and learn more about them. Hopefully you can too. And for anyone who is an avid nature lover or wants to fully submerge themselves in cicada season, book a room with us. We promise you’ll love it.

— Heather Morrison, Innkeeper