5 tips to make booking your cabin getaway a breeze

5 Tips To Make Booking Your First Private Cabin Getaway a Breeze

Did you know that the majority of millennials would rather spend their money on personal experiences versus material things? That’s right! A recent survey revealed that 60% of millennials valued experiences over material items.

No matter what your age, if you’re among those who think the same way, then you might consider planning one or more cabin getaway experiences this year. Luxury cabins or cottages can be a different experience for the younger and older generations alike, so much so, that many are beginning to prefer them over the usual chain hotels.

Planning romantic cabin vacations or even weekend getaways can be a little bit challenging for first timers. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of things you should do to prepare. Are you ready to plan your first private cabin getaway?

#1 Check the Reviews

Most of the cabin properties today have their own websites, Facebook pages, belong to local lodging business associations and they may also be listed with OTA’s , examples: TripAdvisor or Expedia.  All are places where you can read how their previous guests describe their getaway experience staying in their cabin or cottage accommodation.


#2 Know What’s Included – Amenities

Before booking your cabin adventure, you should find out what is included with the cabin. Spend some time looking at their website for the details to determine which cabin property is best suited to meet your needs and expectations.  If you still have questions give them a call during their business hours.

Above all else, always assume that if it isn’t mentioned, it’s not included. Some cabins have all the luxuries you could want, while others could be pretty bare-bones where you even need to bring your own sheets and towels.

#3 Determine Your Cooking/Dining Options

Does the cabin have a full size kitchen or kitchenette? Will you be able to cook a wide variety of meals there? Or will it be a simple grill and fire pit that you have to rely on? Are there utensils, pots & pans, dishes, etc. or do you need to bring all this from home, along with the food?

Maybe you don’t want to cook every night while on vacation. So knowing where you can go for a romantic dinner out, is an important detail to investigate. Does the property’s website provide good information about dining in the area?

You’ll most likely want to know these things before you make any real decision on where to stay. 

#4 Find Out About HVAC

Your goal for a cabin getaway is privacy and of course, comfort. If you’re suffering in 100-degree weather and high humidity, comfort might be a little difficult. So check to see if this feature is offered when you’re inquiring about what’s included in your cabin.

#5 Emergency Availability

We all know things happen, whether you live in an apartment or a home, you’ve experienced the unexpected, electric goes out, plumbing emergencies, etc..  The same can happen at a cabin, even at the best maintained properties things happen.

If you have an emergency situation during your stay, how available is someone for you? Is someone on property for you or will someone need to travel a distance to assist you? This is important to know ahead of time.

If you follow these tips when planning your cabin getaway, you’ll have a great time with whoever you’re bringing. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about cabin rentals or need a few more tips to make your cottage or cabin booking experience better.