We are always telling our guests how great it is here in Southern Illinois in the winter so we decided to do a little research about the month of December and this is what we found. 

Lower Latitude for a New Attitude

Chicago is 41.87 Latitude North, our home town in New Jersey is 39.64 North, Springfield IL is 39.78 North, Makanda IL is  37.60 North, Ok so what does all this mean?

If you drive from Providence, Rhode Island to Richmond, Virginia it’s the same as driving from Chicago to Makanda, IL. The difference is, you don’t have to drive on Interstate 95 which is the biggest parking lot on the East Coast, our guests tell us weekend traffic is not that bad from points North of Makanda.

What we are trying to say is, Southern Illinois, the Shawnee National Forest, Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, Giant City State Park and all the other great places you will find South of Route 13, is in a Southern Latitude that is much milder on average then many of the places our valued guests hail from.

Combine this with quiet surroundings, incredible starry nights, wine, and outdoor activities and you will be refreshed, with an improved attitude when the cooler weather sets in.  

Southern Latitude Means Warmer Weather

Over the past five years in the month of December on average there have been 23 days40 degrees or above, 16 days 50 or above, 7 days 60 or above, 1.2 days 70 or above. Days 32 degrees or below only 2.4 days for the same month.

2 of the 5 years had 27 days above 40 and 0 days 32 or below. To be fair there have been some colder years but the Inn is always toasty and homey with the warm glow of the fire and our straw bale cottages are very cozy! 

December Outdoor Activities

Hiking, zip-lining, and bicycling are at their best in December. The cooler temperatures mean no bugs and the trees are bare, allowing you to see much further into the forests.walking down from the frozen frozen white waterfalls Bluffs hidden behind the summer foliage, emerge dramatically into sight.

Many of the summer creatures have hidden away, providing peacefulness that only winter can provide.

No heat and no humidity, the cool air invigorates your soul.

You might get lucky and experience a warm day after a cold snap providing views of frozen waterfalls while hiking in a t-shirt. If cycling is your thing rarely are the roads wet or frozen. December is the start of the real outdoor activities. 

Wine Tasting at its Best

There are eleven wineries on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and they are all open year Winter Wine tasting at Hedman no crowds hereround. Fewer people means a casual pace and more intimate tasting experience.

You often will find the owners serving tastings and have the chance to really get to know them.

We are waiting on news about the winter passport program. We are not sure if the Wine Trail will run one again but if they do we will certainly post the news. 

December Shopping, Romantic Vacation, Bring in the New Year

What better place to spend a couple of days before the holidays to unwind and maybe even scratch a few gift purchases off your list.

We can assure you the shops in the area Green cedar bough wreath with welcome snowmen in the middleoffer a wide selection of items you will not find in the mall or online. Gifts that are unique and beautiful, often hand made by local artisans.

So here you are in a cozy cabin or B&B Inn with your special someone having a lazy and romantic getaway.

Curl up on the couch with a nice warm blanket just enjoying some down time.

You have the option to go out and shop or maybe you just wile away the hours, reveling in the fact that you don’t have to do anything. Why not spend one of your December holidays away from home.

Perhaps you’ll celebrate the 2018 New Year in your own private cottage or the Bed & Breakfast Inn this year!  We would love to have you here.

Winter goes by so quickly, it can easily be missed so don’t delay, plan and book your December stay now!  

Give the gift of pampered relaxation this Holiday Season, Makanda Inn & Cottages Gift Certificates are always available.