5 Reasons to Take a Natural Retreat Vacation in Southern Illinois

Nature at is best! Raccoon family on the green grass.There are more than a few reasons to take your next vacation at a natural retreat. Spending time in Nature improves your brain function and reduces stress and even provides a bit of exercise. Natural Retreats are available all across the country and provide an array of benefits that other vacations don’t. When you visit Makanda Inn & Cottages, you’ll get to choose between a variety of B&B Suites, cottages and cabins. You can also add golf and massage packages to your natural retreat getaway. These options will make your time away from home all the more relaxing. For now, let’s take a quick look at five reasons to take your next vacation at a natural retreat like Makanda Inn.

1) Excellent Way to Cope With Stress

Do you have a choice to make that is completely stressing you out? Perhaps you’re considering buying a house. Maybe you have to decide how you’re going to pay for your child’s college tuition. Stress can lead to many negative outcomes, including increased blood pressure, irritability and even poor sleep patterns.

When you take a vacation at a natural retreat, though, the mental health benefits are enormous. According to author Dr. William Bird, people deprived of time in nature have a higher risk of being depressed. Within only a few minutes of being out in nature, however, stress levels fall, and you are better able to clear your mind and make better choices. When you come to Makanda Inn, you’ll have plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy that get you out and about in nature, including, hiking, biking, and kayaking on Little Grassy Lake. You’ll also be close to the Cache River and the Little Grand Canyon.

2) Authentic Adventure

Another reason to take your next vacation at a natural retreat is that you can enjoy genuine adventure through a variety of activities. Even if you are visiting the Makanda Inn as part of a romantic getaway, there are plenty of secluded walks and picnics to go on. You’ll also find authentic adventure at any of the nearby canoe rental or horseback riding sites. There is bona fide fun to be enjoyed by people of all ages when coming to the Makanda Inn in Southern Illinois.

3) Take In Nature at Its Best

Unfortunately, much of nature’s most remarkable sites are slowly being threatened by weather, deforestation, pollution and more. These factors are why you need to take in all that you can while nature is at its best. Natural building methods and attention to the environment were factors considered when building Makanda Inn & Cottage, the result, a natural retreat development. The Inn & Cottages offer lodging opportunities not commonly found with unspoiled surroundings and a peaceful atmosphere. Combine this with comfy beds, plush linens, and amenities providing a natural getaway that will leave you longing for more. When you come to the Makanda Inn, you can enjoy a natural retreat in a part of the country where man is not polluting the area or cutting down any of the beautiful scenery.

4) Your Body Will Thank You

Being out and about in nature means you are going to be moving your body. Whether you’re visiting one of the local wineries and trekking through the forest or paddling a kayak on the Cache River, you’ll be moving your body and getting in plenty of exercises. Exercise can reduce your stress levels, help keep you fit, and even help fight off non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Another excellent reason to get out and about in nature is that it combats vitamin D deficiency. Some studies have even shown it helps ward off ADD symptoms.

5) Vast Selection of Wineries to Choose From

With a natural retreat at the Makanda Inn, you’re going to have a selection of wineries close by to visit. In fact, being located in the heart of the Shawnee Wine Trail, Makanda Inn provides you with eleven wineries to choose from, all of which are within a 10-mile radius. As you visit these wineries, you’ll be enjoying authentic wine culture and breathtaking scenery that is sure to reduce your stress levels and have you earnestly seeking out the next vineyard on the trail.

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